This is Akka

The board

Frida Terne

Fredrik Strömer

Board Members

Elsa Regnell

Matilda Blomgren

Elsa Nyholm

Erik Wictorin

Senior Coach Team
To be decided

If you wish to contact any of the board members or senior coaches just send an e-mail to

Junior/Minior Coach Team
Elsa Regnéll

Philip Jansson

Elsa Nyholm

Olof Bengtsson

If you wish to contact any of the junior coaches just send an e-mail to

Latest results

Akka UC 12 VS 11 KFUM Linköping
Akka UC 15 VS 5 KFUM Örebro V.
Akka UC 13 VS 14 Uppsala FdK
Akka UC 11 VS 15 Sthlm Syndromes
Akka UC 14 VS 12 KFUM Örebo



History of the club

Akka was started in 1990 by 5 happy chaps;

Akkas alla grundare i en bild fem stycken

Sten Hermodsson                    – World champion in SCF and DDC in 1989
Pär “Peps” Persson                – Swedish champion in Freestyle 1985
Martin Sievers                           – World championship brons medalist in Distance 1991
Kurt Karlsson*                          – World championship silver medalist in Discathon 1993, Distance 1997 and Golf 2013
Mats “Knickarp” Bengtsson – World champion in Golf 1989. European champion in SCF and Golf 1985(?)

* The Mini Mouse sweater, which has an embroidered disc on the front, is still in existence!

They formed a club around Discgolf, All Round and Ultimate.
They organized;
Lundagolfen“, a disc golf competition
Gåsakastet” , a long distance throwing competition
plus a few other individual competitions held in Malmö.

Another driving force for Akka was Daniel Frosterud who worked hard with the brand new Ultimate junior team.
Daniel Frosterud-2 akkas första juniorer
Daniel Frosterud                         Nils Dacke – ?-?-?-Staffan Björklund-?- Niklas Ruijinaars and Christian Norlund

Akka had a wonderful cotton kit in the beginning (see left player). The blue on the pant leg is full of geese! akka-byxor 2

The team has since then developed and focuses today only on Ultimate.
We now have 2 teams, one junior team and one senior team, which in all amounts to about 50 players.

We hope to continue the legacy of those great guys of 1990
and from the bottom of our Frisbee loving hearts we thank you!